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Toy Shop Muders Project


Track 1. Run Away  (Hopkins/Giles) Listen

Track 2. Voices   (Hopkins/Giles) Listen

Track 3. Donor the Bloodgiver   (Hopkins)

Track 4. Brother Piton and the Unbeliever  (Hopkins/Giles)

Track 5. Death of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Tchaikovsky/Arr. Hopkins) Listen

Track 6. (Don't you know that you're giving me)   Fever  (Hopkins/Giles)

Track 7. The Spirit's Low  (Hopkins/Giles) Listen

Track 8. Pompous Circumstance  (Hopkins)

Track 9. Be Night, Be Day  (Hopkins/Giles)

Track 10. The Dream Sequence  (Hopkins)

Track 11. Stars Will Shine  (Hopkins/Giles)

Track 12. Two Part Intervention  (Hopkins



Album News

January: Studio being built

February: Album going to production